Word Of The Week: BASK


Maybe it was the  change of weather here in Westchester this past week…coming off a shocking 10″+ snowfall the week before…

Or MAYBE, just MAYBE it had to do with THREE of my staged properties accepting offers on last Monday…

The most common use of “bask” denotes relaxing in, and enjoying some type of glow-most often sunlight, but sometimes intangibles, like the afterglow of a compliment.

This week, I felt it to be downright cellular.  It was a week full of vivid seasonal color, warm sunshine, happy thoughts AND  positive energy surrounding and wrapping all around me.

Bask is not an obvious, in-your-face type of thing. It’s not winning the World Series type of exuberant. It’s more personal. You keep it close, like a lucky quarter. It’s your own private filter, protecting you from the yammerings of malcontents, the corrosive nature of negativity. It’s you, both happy, and allowing yourself to take your time, enjoying being happy. 

The copper-colored leaves never looked crisper as they did against the impossibly blue November sky. New, potential clients-who all called ME-hung on every word (Stager-nip , in itself!!). The real sign, though came when I got an insurance snafu straightened out in record time at the DMV!!

Abraham Lincoln once said that most people are as happy as they make their minds up to be. I don’t know if deciding to be happy will always do the trick, but having the grace to know to look for the happy whereever you are is BIG!

Have a good week everyone!