Word of the Week: COMPELLING

There are so many effective words out there to choose from, but like our favorite jeans, out of habit, we can just keep reaching for the same ones over and over again.

Word of the Week series is not about overly scholarly, out of reach, or unfamiliar words; it’s about re-discovering words we all know, just may have forgotten about. Words with character, words with presence, words that add nuance.  Words that can make us more effective communicators. Words that may become our new favorite words. This word of the week is COMPELLING.

I love this word!! Officially an adjective,  because it is all about inspiring strong action I nominate it for verb status as well.  it’s defined as  “… evoking interest, attention,  or admiration in a powerfully irresistible way…not being able to be refuted…inspiring conviction. NOT ABLE TO BE RESISTED”.  REALLY! How cool is it to be the one who has a COMPELLING point of view, or presents a COMPELLING option?

COMPELLING is THOUGHTFUL.  It creates an intellectual discussion. What I really like about this word is that it’s about ATTRACTION…not persuasion, not coercion, and not hype.  It brings others in. It is FORCEFUL, but NOT STRESSFUL. 

COMPELLING affirms DUE DILLIGENCE has been performed.  It intimates you are drawn to a certain action or conclusion by careful deliberations.  Perhaps even against your emotional will? In fearful or uncertain times, that is a mightly powerful sentiment.

May you be COMPELLED to use wonderful words this coming week!!