Word Of The Week: CONFIDENCE

We have so many words we can choose from.

The Word Of The Week series came about because sometimes it is just so effective to have a different or unexpected word to say, or to have a refreshed meaning breathed into an old favorite.  

This week’s word is  CONFIDENCE.

Regular readers know I’ve had a lot of changes going on in my life lately…some circumstances, some people, some thinking processes. It created some doubt and uncertainty.

Confidence is the result of experience.  It is sure, but not boastful or arrogant. You own confidence. It is cellular, not topical. It is willing to ask, and to try.

Confidence knows what it can do, but keeps its eyes open as well.  There is an element of peace and self-acceptance in confidence. It’s very personal, it  knows it is the best it can be. Often I ‘discover’ I have become confident about something in my life after the fact, when I speak or act differently than I have in the past.

Furthermore, confidence cannot occupy the same space as fear or anxiety.

In recent weeks have found confidence is a lot quieter than I used to think it was.

In fact, I think the more you have it, the less you have to talk about it.