Word Of The Week: PIONEER

Welcome back to Word Of The Week, where an image, and  a new take on an known word has given pause for thought, and in this case, action.  This weeks’ word is PIONEER, and comes to us all courtesy of  Santa Fe Realtor, and online pal Emily Medvec.

We had a short online back and forth at the end of the year…the topic was new things for the new year, and I had a few things I wanted to bounce off her.

Was describing the collective consciousness of Staging in this area as ‘toddler’ , meaning a known entity, and with some motion, but not really defined or able to stand on it’s own. Emily-who came to Santa Fe a long time ago, by way of Connecticut-took it out of the juvenile, and said I had pioneer spirit to make what I wanted to happen.

OK-I didn’t CONCIOUSLY visualize myself in a ten-gallon hat or boots (I’m neither a hat or a boot person…but maybe I just never had the right boots…), or think- PUSH FORWARD TO NEW HORIZONS!!- but  this word was rattling around in my subconscious.

The very next day there was a story on a local newscast that-TO ME-screamed opportunity for one of the things I wanted to accomplish…and immediately I trotted upstairs to shoot an email to the producers. What-if anything-will come from it-who knows?  My point is that pioneer today is a state of mind.  Further, we also each have our un-explored territories, just   Google ‘images of pioneers’  to see what I mean.

Pioneer is basic and impactful. It feels more physical than it’s seemingly more intellectual cousin innovative.  But it’s not in-you-face-forceful and proud of it like the modifier ‘guerilla’.  It’s more solitary. In my mind it’s not getting by taking;  it’s more proactive, getting by doing, or going where you want to, even if that means you need to make up the plan as you go along.

It is simultaneously curious, confident and humble. There is also uncertainty, so some bravery is involved… but it’s not putting your life in danger type of bravery. Because pioneer does not push up against anyone else:  it’s you, challenging you to grow.

So-pardner-wishing you HAPPY TRAILS this week, and may the pioneer spirit be with you as you face whatever lies before you, and continue your journey to make 2012 your best year EVER!