Word Of The Week: RE-CALIBRATE

I love the power of the right word. This series came about because time and time again I noticed how well the  ‘right’ word conveyed an economy of thought, while saving your from a bunch of wrong, and mediocre words. People seemed to ‘hear’ things differently-BETTER!  It also clarifies and elevates things in my own mind. 

The Word Of The Week is RE-CALIBRATE.  From the verb CALIBRATE, it’s a powerful, and extraordinarily scientific word. It’s goal is PRECISION and ACCURACY.  It is MEASURED  and SPECIFIC; there is nothing casual or fleeting about it.

One web definition is ‘to make fine adjustments’, another is ‘ the act of checking or adjusting the accuracy of a measuring instrument’. My favorite-and most compelling is ‘ adjust (experimental results) to take external factors** into account or to allow comparison with other data’.

CALIBRATING involves HONEST APPRAISAL, then A GOAL. It looks at  and evaluates all the elements, conscious that their WORKING TOGETHER , each at their peak, is critical to the SUCCESS of the whole.

All in all, you are acknowledging the need for change, and the desire to be the best.  It is about moving forward, towards something bigger and better. By extension, RE-CALIBRATE means you are doing it again; it also signals your commitment to it being part of your long-term plan.

Usually there is a time-out involved. In the late 70’s and through a good part of the 80’s, the GM plant here in Tarrytown was pretty much round-the-clock, save for the occasional…well, they called it re-tooling. Things wore out. Changes and improvements were implemented to keep up with market demand and expectations. See where I’m going here?

Our brains are the new assembly lines.

My brain is the most valuable commodity I have access to. My business is not ‘small’.  My thought process is every bit as precise, even mechanical as that assembly line. 

Success in these times-for both my clients and my business-depend on the components of my business being just as finely attuned to each other as any well-made, manufactured, tangible product.

In the last few months, as the refreshed home  entered it’s fifth year, I became increasingly enamored of this word. Encouraged by feedback and results, I am making changes to take me to the next level, everything from a new business vehicle, to updated marketing and websites and improvements.

I remind myself, as well as my clients that re-visiting, and further defining/refining  is always uncharted territory, it can feel vague and uncertain. Factor in the afore-mentioned **external factors of this market, and OHYES, you’ve got real stomach-acid potential. BUT-with RE-CALIBRATION on our side, be reassured it is part of the process, and we will all be better for it.