Word of the Week: SHEPHERD

Our sweet Bella BlueThe right word clarifies and elevates the  message, as well as the speaker. Good speakers know the right words engage, and bond their audience to them, as well as their message. I have chosen SHEPHERD as this edition’s Word of the Week (click here to read others).

Have been contemplating this word for a while. It’s a powerful word, with many parallels to the relationships in the home-buying and home-selling process.

SHEPHERD is both a noun and a verb, and I like both these applications.

As a noun, the original shepherds were focused, vital and duty-driven.  Humbly, they did the tough and unglamourous stuff. Tedious and constant at best; difficult and dangerous at worst.

They were responsible, going face to face with whatever came along. Protecting those who could not protect themselves, they found the lost, while guiding the group, getting them safely to their destination.

As a verb, SHEPHERDING is a noble,  yet under-appreciated skill. There is movement…transition, or passage. There is vision, compassion, and a sureness of  knowing what is right involved in shepherding;  faith, trust, calm and comfort replace fear, agitation and misgivings in the hearts of those being shepherded.

And if that weren’t enough,  underneath it all is a kind heart, possessing a deep affection for those they are entrusted with. Everyone else good with that?