Word Of The Week: SWOON

Recently, the Words Of The Week have been principled, substantial words: Advocate, Ungapatchka, Trust, Ask, Engage…(click here to see them all) it’s time to mix it up, and have some smiles, so this weeks’ word is SWOON.

SWOON is fun to say. Try it in a normal tone, with a straight face. OK, now try it again. See what I mean? Can’t say it without engaging your whole face. Sometimes other parts, too. Sounds better that way.

The original meaning really surprised me:  in the 13th century it was  to faint, to lose consciousness; or to enter into a state of hysteria, or ecstatic rapture. 

Back then,intense religion,  superstitions, or things like bad living conditions,  including poorly ventilated structures, voluminous and restrictive clothing of the time may have all had a hand in nudging excitement and emotion across the line to lightheaded-ness, and collapse.  Imagine, what if a couple of too-tight corsets and some bad cod was really what got the ball rolling in Salem MA!

Today SWOON has a positive connotation.  It’s demonstrative and emotional.  A few steps beyond being happy, but not so over the top that you scare children.  

Yes. A short burst of  no strings attached, unconditionally HAPPY and EXCITED  that leaves suspicion and cynicism at the door. For the moment, a SWOONER is totally engaged in being happy.

SWOONING makes you feel good. It’s also fun to watch a SWOONER; and best of all is to be  SWOONED-UPON, or SWOONED-ABOUT. Maybe that should be the refreshed home’s new tag line, Prepare to Swoon?

I love how  Google images puts current culture perspective on things.  Search for SWOON and top of the page you get a Brooklyn street artist, a serious Kate Spade pump, various baked goods and lots of Twilight characters.

In design, you do  your best to read the client.  Taste is so subjective, but it is your job is to come up with something unexpected, that they will immediately love. HA!   Think about that, almost as hard to do as saying SWOON with a straight face! But it happens, and I love it!

On this magnificent, light-filled February day, what is SWOON-WORTHY in your life?