Word Of The Week: TIMING

Word Of The Week is about a thought-provoking word, and often an image  that calls to me, this weeks’ word is TIMING.

Understanding how other people see things, what they find interesting and important is both enlightening and inspiring.  Photography can tell you a lot about what anothers’ thoughts, so every so often I will troll through the free photo download sections on Flicka, and Dreamstime.  Sometimes the titles are as compelling as the images.

I found this photo to be very provocative, have not been able to get it out of my mind. It’s called  Deer, and Wolf  Tracks in the Snow.  See how close the tracks are?  TIMING here is a matter of life and death, probably for both parties.

TIMING works hard to be DELIBERATE, but there is still an unknown, a wild-card element that can play out in a number of different ways.


TIMING is not random. There is PLANNING;  PRACTICE  and VIGILANCE improves your odds of a favorable result, but there are NO GUARANTEES, either.

It’s what happens when your actions intersect with LUCK-or FATE…which I would suggest are two sides of the same coin, it depends on your PERSPECTIVE.

Sometimes we will just never know what could have been…I’m hoping that was the deers’ experience.  But in the end, whether you’re looking for a parking space, telling a joke or THROWING A GAME-WINNING TOUCHDOWN PASS (Go, TOM!) I think it will always come down to just showing up, and doing the best you can, every time.