Word of the Week: TRANSFORM

It happens to us all…we’re busy, short on time, and like shopping on December 24th, we grab the first thing that makes sense and lets us get going.

 But wonderful words are all around us. Words that add dimension and clarity. Words that elevate the conversation, and make for better communications. I love the power of a good word, and that was the inspiration for this series.

Word of the Week has been a regular feature for some time, but  fans (and DONNA-you know who you are!) will know there have been several weeks without one. Part of it was issues with  IT (and TIME), but for the most part, these last few weeks I have been living today’s word: TRANSFORM.

I love this word, and it’s derivative, transformative.

It is a verb with chops:  “To make, or undergo a thorough or dramatic change in the form, appearance, or character”. 

It’s CHANGE, but TRANSFORM focuses on the subject-the personal experience-rather than the predicate-the change, or event of change– itself.

TRANSFORM is uber-personal, and can be both an internal process, as well as an exterior manifestation.

It sounds magical-and thanks to Hollywood, it’s pretty much seen as a positive force in most demographics…evil Decepticons excluded, of course.

TRANSFORM is a PROCESS.  Helpful to remember, as  “during” doesn’t often feel magical-in fact, it can feel downright crappy. During troubled, stressful or difficult times, it’s a great word, a really helpful reminder, to TRUST your instincts, and to be CONFIDENT in your pursuits.

TRANSFORM I think is best evaluated, most understood and appreciated-in hindsight.

To me, TRANSFORM is about HOPE and PROMISE going in, PATIENCE during, and GRATITUDE on the other side. And FOR TODAY, am so glad to be on this other side! Have a great week everyone, and (DONNA!)-see you next week with a new Word of the Week!


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