Word of the Week: WUSS

Unusual words thrill me, but words that sound like what they mean have a special place in my heart. This Word of the Week comes courtesy of former Governor Ed Rendell,  and his new book, A Nation of Wusses.

In the book, his point is that America’s leaders (politicians) have lost the guts to stand up for who they are-not acknowledging what they know to be true, because it will ruffle some feathers.

He says being wusses keeps us from getting things done.  It keeps us from doing  good things, the right things,  BIG things.  (click here to see entire interview)

WUSS” is a word that Rendell has a fondness for.  In a TV interview, he explained….he had called the Philadelphia Eagles “wussses” when asked for comment about their cancelling a football game when there was a forecast of 11 inches of snow.  His response was that this is what football was, you didn’t cancel if because of bad weather, that it was ‘further evidence of the wussification of America.’

Word of the Week is  not (overtly) political, but the application is universal. Don’t we all know someone who tries too hard to be all things to all people? Who bends over backward to avoid the elephant in the room?  Who sugarcoats because they can’t bear the unvarnished version?

Easier,  softer ways may buy you time, or get you “A” job, but ultimately they don’t work out in the long run.  As a Home Stager,  I choose a kind way to deliver uncomfortable news, like yes, they need to pack away the wall-to-wall photos of little Bobby and Susie (both, now in their 30s). If I ignore or dance around it, it’s just more pain, and one more conversation to have in a few months when the house is still unsold.

WUSS is a bold word, but not rash or reckless.  It’s not flattering, but more of a nudge or a goad, but perhaps a rallying cry. WUSS is used by confident people, who have a vision of greatness for the future, at a time when they believe it can happen.