Words That Will Define 2011, Part One

Conceptually, New Years Day is one of my favorite holidays. I like thinking about the future, and the way I want to get there; individual words propel me. 

Unexpected and nuanced words are the ones I hear best. As intangible touchstones, they linger and invite possibilities; open up the imagination;  forge, define and illuminate the path. 

2010 brought a lot of challenges, but it was a wonderful year. Thinking it through, here are some of the words-and the whys- that will continue to color and shape myself, my business, my writings and my interactions in 2011.

Resonate, ponder, profound, thoughtful: Courses charted and decisions made in 2011 will be meaningful and personal 

Whimsy. Big in 2010, keeping it, adding  joy and delight. Why? Why not ?? I like things that make me think first, then smile.

 Wisdom = Knowledge + understanding + experience + confidence. 

Promise, hope, opportunity: I will probably always believe our best days are ahead of us. 

Kind, heart, compassion, philanthropic:  Lessons learned from the last few years. 

Re-: Just add the verb of your choice, it’s doubly empowering. Recalibrate, rejuvenate, refresh, refine, rededicate, re-evaluate, refresh

Passion, relish, zeal: Life is too short not to grab every opportunity to be intensely happy.