Working for Moore: Consults for a Cause

You know that annoying feeling when you can’t find that piece of paper on your desk, or thatWorking for Moore: Consults for a Cause favorite pair of jeans you want to wear?

What about if you couldn’t find your desk…your closet…if you lost your home, your family pet or most cruelly, a loved one?

Last month I wrote about coming back from the events that we here in the northeast have faced in the last 6 months, and quoted Mr. Rogers…and it bears repeating. Just over twenty-six hours ago one of the worst tornados in recorded history chewed through the town of Moore, Oklahoma. The loss, the trauma, the sheer scale of rebuilding these residents will be facing in the months to come is staggering. They need helpers.

The Red Cross is clear, they need money. Money for food, shelter and medicine, money for rescue and recovery efforts.  To help support these efforts, The Refreshed Home announces Working for Moore: Consults for a Cause,  here’s how it works:

  • Call now, mention this post and book up to two hours of Interior Decorating or Home Staging  interactive consult for between 5/21-5/31.
  • At the end of our consult, you write a check to the American Red Cross for the rate of $95.00/hour, and I mail it in a pre-addressed envelope

The Refreshed Home helps you make good plans and wise decisions, so you can get on with your life.  Together, we make better sense of your space,  and your stuff. Consults can be for buyers as well as sellers, remote, or for shopping services and in-home/on-site in Westchester and lower Fairfield county.

Got a listless listing?  Looking for a unique housewarming, wedding or birthday gift?  Maybe it’s something you’ve been thinking about for yourself?  Now is a great time to act. 

Do good, get good, call now 914.607.2895

Working for Moore: Consults for a Cause

 Working for Moore: Consults for a Cause