“You Can Get Anything You Want—

…at Alice’s Res-tau-rant”  Come on, admit it, you know the words..probably have that damn tune stuck in your head now, too…

As  long as I have been an adult, I crave listening to this  Arlo Guthrie classic every fall.  Folk music is generally not my favorite genre, but it’s different when Arlo sings. The urge starts early November, and goes thru Thanksgiving weekend. Never before Halloween, or after Thanksgiving weekend. And this year, he will be riding in the Macy’s parade!

A number of years back, Doug and I started going to his annual Carnegie Hall concerts, always held the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  The rest of the cast varies, but usually several generations of friends and family, talented musicians all.

He can weave a story and a song together like no one else. Like a child who is enthralled and comforted by the ritual, long after they know the story by heart, I never get tired of listening.

The play list varies, but he almost always ends with “This Land is My Land”, and encores  with“‘Goodnight Irene”-my middle name,  I remember it being sung to me when I was growing up.

ANYWAY-some years back, on the 30th anniversary of  ‘the event’ he sang another version,” the massacre revisited”.  New ending, it’s clever and really funny. 

The only YouTube versions come with bad video and  in 3 parts- kind of disruptive, but worth it, give it a shot. There is also a  site where you really can get anything you want…

Meantime, sit back and enjoy the original

“With feeling”, a big thank you to Arlo and the whole Guthrie family , and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!