You See, This Bunny Meets A Snake….

Fluffy bunny…rattlesnake…you might guess how a situation like this would play out.

Guess again!  Elizabeth Arduian, a Realtor from Lubbock, Texas found a different ending-AND- a great metaphor for almost any field or situation you can think of.

In a recent blog post on ActiveRain,  the online Real Estate community, she used a great  YouTube clip and asked us to look at how we react when things don’t go our way, how do we handle challenges?

We all have days that get the better of us, it’s part of being human. But we can also choose to let those be the minority. If you are not happy where you are-wherever that may be-you have options. Challenge what is expected, don’t passively accept the status quo.

The current ecomony, as well as the recent elections have left many of us feeling stuck, powerless and off-track. I say: change the channel, get in touch with you inner bunny, and move forward!!

A founding belief here at the refreshed home is that if you are in charge of your space, you will be in charge of your life. Taking action will free up space in your head, and let you get on with your life, REALLY.

GO, bunny, GO!! (And thanks again, Elizabeth!!)