Your Greatest Outdoors: 3 Reasons Exterior Paint Jobs Fail

We are ohsoclose to this season bursting into bloom, been hearing from lots of new people with an interest in getting their home to and outdoor space look it’s best, so created a 3 Part Series: Your Greater Outdoors-your best ideas for spring fix-ups.

First up is Spring Painting

There are several components to a house having curb appeal. Paint is arguably what is seen first, will make the biggest impression, and is one of the more costly investments a homeowner can make.  There is a lot riding on getting it done right, and well, the first time around.

Bob DiMaggio is the owner of Brushworks of Rye, Inc.  and has been painting all types of Westchester homes for almost 20 years.  He has seen probably close to it all.  According to Bob, if an exterior  paint job has failed the homeowner, it usually comes down to one of three reasons:

Damp Surfaces

Wood is one of the most common substrates found on homes.  Wood is porous and can retain moisture.  The surface may be dry to the touch but still needs to be tested daily to ensure the substrate is ready for product. Painting over a surface insufficiently dry may cause the the paint to prematurely peel.

Insufficiently Cleaned and Prepped Surfaces

a. Cleaning the surface

All surfaces to be painted should be cleaned before product is applied with warm to hot water and at least a mild soap.  In cases where there is mold or mildew, a bleach solution should be added in order to kill the spores.  If you don’t adequately clean the surface to be painted, you will wind up painting the dirt and not painting the surface which could lead to premature paint fail.

b. Prep the surface

Make sure to scrape off any loose paint and repair any soft, rotted wood or missing shingles, etc.

 Incorrect Products

Some painting contractors apply incorrect primer/ paint for the surfaces they are covering.  It is very important to use not only the right product but also a premium product.  Premium products, while usually more expensive, cover better, protect longer and are less likely to fade over time.

A good paint job protects the surfaces and adds value to your home. With spring painting season around the corner, now is the time to make your move.

Be sure to protect yourself as a homeowner:  Painters should easily be able to provide you with a current certificate of insurance and any required licensing by your municipality. Here in Westchester,  painting contractors must be licensed and insured.

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